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Welcome to the Ickenham Festival

Ickenham in Middlesex, in the West London Borough of Hillingdon, has held its own community Festival since 1976.

The Festival gives everyone an opportunity to join their community and enjoy themselves whilst learning more about our many local organisations and businesses. 

Everything is done on a local and voluntary basis and is mainly paid for by fund raising events and contributions.  

Throughout each two year period the Festival Team promote the aims of the Festival and generate funds and support.    

Last Festival, over 15,000 was raised for many good causes by the voluntary organisations and societies in Ickenham.   

The Festival Team are always glad of offers of support and time, no matter how small.  Have a look through this site to see what has been done in past years and,

if you want to comment, want more information, or want to help, then please do contact us using the "Contact Button" below.


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