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History Of The Festival

Festival 1976 programmeThe Ickenham Festival was founded in 1975.  Following a discussion about the number and variety of local groups and organisations in the community it was realised that many were unknown to the public. 

A Committee was formed to arrange a week of activities open to all.  In addition, some special events were conceived with the aim of "providing an opportunity for  local groups, organisations or residents to present their interests to the people of Ickenham".  This first Festival was held in 1976 and was great success.  It was decided to present a similar week every other year. 

It requires two years for us to raise the necessary funds for the Festival. Since them, that original concept has developed into a major Community Festival which is supported and attended by an increasingly large number of organisations in the community which serve the residents of Ickenham.  Every year, we present a trophy to recognise this service.

We are totally self-financing and mainly depend on local fund-raising to meet all our costs.  We are grateful to local shops, businesses, groups and individuals who continue to give us their full support throughout the years to maintain this unique event.

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Ickenham Festival Shield 




     The Ickenham Festival Team awards this trophy every year. 

It recognises those who have made a special contribution in the spirit

of the Ickenham Festival and to our community at large.  

The shield is generally on display in Ickenham Library.





Previous winners include:  

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