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Ickenham Festival 9th-17th June 2018, Last Minute Changes


Programme Changes or Corrections

  • All Week. Jumble Trail has been updated with additional venues.  You will find a map of the 2018 Jumble Trail locations here.

  • Sunday 10th June. The United Festival Service starts at 11:00 am, and not 9:45 am as shown.

  • Sunday 10th June. Little Red Riding Hood, please call 07966 114146 for tickets.

  • Monday 11th June. Mark Jones Games Night - tickets from Compass Theatre, and not from Ickenham Festival.

  • Tuesday 12th June. The school music is by Glebe Primary, and on Thursday 14th June, the school music is by Vyners School.

  • Wednesday 13th June. The Hillingdon School Music Concert is from 5:30pm to 9:30pm, and not 6-9 as shown.

  • Friday 15th June. Library Quiz, 7pm - please book teams for this quiz at The Library, not through Ickenham Festival.


Programme Additions

  • Visit Ickenham Library to see the artwork competition, submitted by Glebe, Pentland Fields, and Breakspear Schools.

  • Treasure Hunt Answers are HERE



  Please do let us know (via "Contact") if you are aware of any other changes.

Our printed programme will be delivered to Ickenham homes, and is also on sale in local shops.




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