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Ickenham Festival 11th-19th June 2022


The Festival will run from Sat 11th June 2022 to Sun 19th June, with Village Day being Saturday 18th June 2022. 

Village Day will include our every popular parade through Ickenham, Festival Gala in the afternoon, and an Evening Concert with fireworks.

All information will be included in our programme which will be distributed at no charge to every home in Ickenham.

You may also request a pitch on Village Day, or enter our Procession.

You can complete these forms online, or you can download and print, and return them to us at our postal address.

Remember that Village Day is only one set of events out of more than eighty that we co-ordinate in the week. There are many opportunities for your group, charity or sport to organise events in Festival Week and receive free publicity from our printed and social media.  

Alternatively, use the "Contact" button below to talk to us.


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